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Microsoft's Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Install Guide step by step with updates

Part 1



Microsoft's Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Install Guide step by step with updates. This guide is step by step and should be used when upgrading Windows from a lower version of Win7 or from Windows Vista with service pack 1 (or higher) installed.




The following menu should appear, click on "Install Now", of course if you have compatibility worries or just want to be careful the click on appropriate link to check your status online (requires a download).


This is were "Part1" of the install officially starts.. You will now see the bar pictured below at the bottom of the screen. It has no relevance to "Time" in general. It moves fast sometimes, slow other times, If you insist on watching it then don't be worried if it stays in any particular spot for long periods of time.

First your Licence agreement, read through it and if you agree click on "I Accept the Licence agreement" box and then click "Next" to continue. If you do not agree then the install halts.

Now click on "Go online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended)", this will download the latest drivers and updates for your system, saving a load of hassle in the near future.

Windows will now search online for the latest updates and begin the download process, remaining connected throughout the process.

Now you will be asked were you wish Windows to Install, select the drive Vista (Or earlier version of 7) resides, usually "C" drive, as in our selection, Click on this drive (Disk Partition 2:ACER (C:) in our example), click next to continue.




Click here for Part 2