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Microsoft's Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Install Guide step by step with updates



Welcome to Microsoft's Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade Install Guide step by step with updates. This guide is step by step and should be used when upgrading installing Windows from a lower version of Win7 or from Windows Vista with service pack 1 (or higher) installed.


This is an upgrade install of windows and should be trouble free of errors (If you pass compatibility tests) and problems (If lady luck shines favourably on you) as long as your system fits the minimum specs as laid down by Microsoft and does not have an incompatibility, software or hardware fault that may effect the process.

It is recommended though to have a full backup of anything you do not want to loose before beginning the process as the risk of data loss is high. You have been warned !!!!


Special Notes:

  • Problems installing Windows, or after installing then try upgrading your BIOS to the latest version (BIOS upgrade can be obtained from the PC manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer.)

  • If your hard drive is not seen during the install then you will require SATA/RAID drivers from the PC manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer. See our other guides for "No Hard Drive" installs.

  • Also for missing "New" hard drives make sure they are seen in the BIOS and are fitted correctly.

  • Remember you cannot upgrade from XP.


  1. Your Windows 7 Ultimate DVD or CD's

  2. Windows 7 COA, or serial number.

  3. Your computer Plugged into Mains Power

  4. Electric supply running to your house.

  5. A Computer, with the usual accessories (Mouse, monitor, keyboard etc)

  6. CD-ROM/DVD Drive.

To start this Windows install insert the DVD/CD from the desktop. If nothing happens, double click on "My Computer" icon then the DVD drive and finally the "Setup.exe" file.

You can also try pressing "Windows key" plus "R" and typing "DVD drive letter, forward slash, setup.exe, then click on OK  ( D:/setup.exe or E:/setup.exe ).

If this fails then make sure:

  1. Your drive is a DVD drive (When using Windows 7 DVD)

  2. The drive is closed correctly

  3. DVD is not upside down

  4. The drive works with other DVD's


Special Notes:

  • Check out our upgrade compatibilty, information , help, tools and errors here: 7 Upgrade help here

  • Also download the latest SATA/RAID Drivers, as older ones may not work.

  • Check your system is within the minimal hardware requirements as laid down by Microsoft. Click here

  • A common piece of hardware to cause install errors is "Memory", your install DVD has "Memory diagnostics", run this from the "7" disk to rule it out or replace as needed.

  • Make sure you have at least 13GB free on the drive with the present operating system that you wish to upgrade free


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